Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Introduction

Assalamualaikum & Hello to all readers!

After 14 months living on earth, this will be Myiesha's official blog. I plan to set this blog up when she reaches 1 year old, but guess I was too busy with things. Now that I have already settled down a bit, so here it is.

This blog will have short, brief entries, unlike my own blog which is popular for its long, lengthy entries. This blog will focus more to photos, or a minimum of a photo a day, with a short elaboration on what the photo is all about.

I will also write about what Myiesha learns everyday, or what I learn from her. I can see this is going to be a special & exciting blog to visit every single day. Do not forget to follow this blog & link this blog to yours so that you will not miss each & every cute story of this adorable little girl.

Thanks for visiting, & stay tuned!

Lots of Love,
Myiesha's Mummy.


  1. hoyeahhhhh...!!!
    sila tampal bebanyak gambar Myiesha yek :)

    rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3 <3

  2. cium pipi kanan n kiri myiesha for me hannah..peluk myiesha kuat2..ngee
    hope one day dpt jumpe myiesha n her hot mama, insyaAllah~ (^_^)

  3. i dah linked blog myiesha at my blogger section. hehe.

    a photo a day, makes everyone GAY? omaigod.

  4. abah dan mak haqq:
    InsyaAllah! Will try to update every single day! :D


    CemPaKa SiReH:
    InsyaAllah! Nanti kita meet up. No problem. Just tell me where & when ok!


    Thanks! Tapi simple saja, tak banyak gadget.


    Fadilah R.:
    Ahahaha dah agak dah mesti ada orang notice! Gay as in Happy ok, bukan Gay-Gay. I pun teragak-agak mula-mula. Macam betul ke ni, betul ke ni. :D

  5. wow rajin mama myiesha buat blog utnuk myiesha. mama raina ni dulu ada gak dok berangan nak buat tapi fikir2 balik mood menulis pun kejap2 ada kejap2 kang malas so lupakan saja niat tu.

    hello myiesha