Thursday, March 10, 2011

Myiesha Loves Swimming

As soon as Myiesha reaches 1 year old, I start to bring her swimming. She was afraid of the water, at first. Every time her little legs touch the water, she will hug me tightly. I tap my hands on the water, splashing it every time, to make her excited. & it ended, as soon as she gets into the pool, she refuses to leave.

She just loves swimming. The other day when swimming on a beautiful Saturday morning, two little Arab boys joined in. At first Myiesha just looked at them playing. She swam alone at a corner. After that she approached them, maybe wanted to join them play. But one of them splashed water at her face.

Haha. Pity Mummy's girl!

But she did not give up. The boys then took water guns from their Mom who was quietly reading under the shade, & again Myiesha approached them to get the water guns from them. She was lucky this time she did not get her face splashed again. The just moved away to the other end of the pool.

Sometimes when I see incidents like this, I feel like giving Myiesha a sister so that she will have company.

What do you say?


  1. boleh. hannah start dulu. nnti yg lain insyallah akan menyusul. pregnant nie kdg2 berjangkit..hehehe =p

    naurah x pernah lg mandi swimming pool. xde peluang lagi la. takat main air laut kt gigi air & splash park hari tue jer huhuh =p

  2. yeah..hannah...hurry2 join me....ade partner best sikit....

  3. eehhee..mcm tak lama lg Myiesha nak dpt adik jekk..geggege

  4. imaan pun suka mandi pool. tp kat rumah kami xde swimming pool. pki yang kids punya pool yg kena pam tu je lah. every weekend i bagi dia main dlm tu.

    myiesha nak adik? hihihih.

  5. kalau dah confirm nanti..
    jangan lupa buat announcenment ya..